Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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My name is Teresa and I am the person behind "BeadsByCelleste". I came up with this name when I was 18 and not entirely sure where I got it from except that I liked the name Celleste (named my new cat this) and that I made jewelry at the time and wanted to make my own beads eventually. I currently live in the Cedar Park, TX area, am 27 years old and hold down a day job at a computer that makes me so anxious to just go home and craft most days!!

My personal interests include but are not limited to: jewelry making, scrapbooking, crafting, resin, polymer clay, mod podging, candle making, latch-hooking, cross-stitching, sewing, glass bead making/flameworking, DIY, riding my motorcycle solo or with my bf (he has his own, he doesn't ride passenger on mine!), playing videogames, watching movies (all genres), reading fiction and more!!

I learned how to make jewelry from my Grandma (G-ma) when I used to go over and spend the weekends with her in 6th grade since she lived just down the road and we'd spend our time playing SNES games, watching movies and crafting. For the record, this means that I've been crafting and making things for about 15 years now and I hope to continue crafting as long as I can! She has been my crafting role model and who I always blame (credit :p) for my addiction to the world that is Crafts/DIY! She taught me straight beading, then a beading technique I called figure-8 for years until I only recently discovered it was a double 'needle' right angle weave, how to make basic jewelry pieces, how to latch hook, how to decoupage and fabric painting/embellishing. Somehow she had the patience to do the sequin/bead designs and fabric prints that she'd cut around (all those details!! yikes!!) so she could put on a sweatshirt and paint on. She unfortunately passed in 2004, but I feel I carry on her spirit in all the crafts I do and all the new things I learn to do as I know if she were here today, she'd be just as excited as I am on what all there is to make and how!

Nowadays, I cruise Pinterest and I seem to have a board for everything... until I realize I in fact don't have a board for this, or for that, and then I create one!! This my friends is how you get up to 48 boards (and counting...) on your profile!! Yikes!! Please feel free to follow me if you'd like or just check out my pins/boards if you're interested or ever bored one day!

I wanted to create this blog so that I could share the projects I endeavor on as well as document the mishaps as well as the successes I have as I learn and try new things and grow as a crafter and DIYer and invite you to share along in my journey! With this in mind, I hope to see you back soon!!

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