Monday, March 25, 2013

Back from Hiatus....Sorry guys....

February snuck up on me, and just as easily, was gone! In the blink of an eye, the month just disappeared... and then March did just about the same thing!

If anyone was excited to see the purse/clutches I alluded to in my last post, I apologize for disappearing all of a sudden and not getting to make any to show you!!

The reasons I disappeared and wasn't able to really do anything the last 2 months are many, but for the most part, by bff had to move in for a little while (she still is with bf and me, but only needs a temp residence so not much longer but I've felt sort of like a regular sleepover and who wants to work at a sleepover?!) so we had to get her in and settled but some of her stuff unfortunately had to go in my craft room for temporary storage, but I also have been working some major OT at my day job. I mean, extra money is awesome, don't get me wrong! But the time spent doing the extra hours and then the energy it takes means that once I get home, I have a bit of trouble getting up and motivated and wanting to do much of anything but relax and watch tv while eating dinner. 

The good news is however that we did have an All Girl's Craft Day for both February AND March!! Those pictures/posts will follow, as well as a sort of impromptu Craft Challenge for March since I made 4 of the same type of thing on Saturday at March's Craft Day and I think I can manage to make at least another few before the week is out!

I promise to try and keep up with the blog though and try to at least post once a week if anything so you guys don't have to witness my sad disappearing trick again!

Craft ya later!!

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