Saturday, April 13, 2013

Once more...

Wow, so, I still didn't actually post anything after that awesome apology......

I know it sounds cliche and I've said it before but I've been doing a lot of OT at the day job again, but the long hours are also filled with a lot of just being busy and hard work. This means that by the time I get home, all I really wanna do is have a beer or two and watch tv til bedtime.

Add that to the small fact that I have been on the downswing of yet another minor depressive period which is somewhat fueled by overworking and stressful work which all makes it so I haven't been able to have the energy to craft or do anything that really makes me all that happy unless it's just about thrown at me (see trip to New Orleans with bff and a couple other gal pals).

Good news is I might be put on a different project soon for a temporary hiatus from what I've been doing lately that shouldn't be nearly as stressful as what I've been putting up with recently so that should leave me with more energy or want to work on crafty stuffs!!

I know you didn't come here to hear a sob story or anything, so I'll just go ahead and wrap this up by saying I'll do what I can to start posting again and we'll just take it one week or time, shall we?

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