Friday, September 13, 2013

2013 Halloween Prop #1 - WIP Pics with Full Reveal Later!!

Hey guys!! I know I've been a little sparse of late, but day job has been kicking my butt lately!! It's busy while I'm at work, and then by the time I get home, I'm just pooped!!

I did start on a Halloween prop for this year however this last weekend that I can maybe tease you with for a little bit.... ;)

Testing for doll size/fit.....

Boyfriend suggested I use a bigger baby so it'd look like it was jammed in there as opposed to me wanting to have enough room for it.... don't want the baby to be able to get up after all, do we?!?!! Mwahahhaa....

Starting to work on ghouling up the baby doll.... don't mind the pipe insulation pieces, that's for another prop I will be working on soon....

A little close-up of the baby in the painting process...

I know, it's not much and my pictures are le suck, but this is about all I've really had time or energy to do!! This weekend I hope to get this as well as a few more things done as I'm focusing tomorrow at least on this month's Craft Day - Halloween Themed!!

I'll post all the pictures (including these again) once the whole thing is complete and show you guys later what else I'm working on/have gotten done for my other props!!

Craft ya laters!!

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