Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Helloooo 2014!!

I started this blog in late 2012, and a majority of the first 2 or 3 months' posts I put on here were in fact older ones from another blog, about other projects I'd done that I just wanted to put on here to consolidate.

I also started off 2013 with a "New Year" post, as well as tried to start what I called "Monthly Craft Challenge!" I don't want to say I didn't get a lot done in 2013, because I did get things done, I just didn't really keep up with my blog and projects as well as I would have liked. I also made goals in 2013 that I only somewhat kept up with, even after proclaiming them to the world, here on the interwebs.

The Monthly Craft Challenge lasted all of 1 month I believe, and I just barely completed that one. We did have craft days each month...up until October when people got too busy, myself included, to try and plan a craft day where we could all get together to work on anything. It probably doesn't help that my boyfriend and I hosted Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and multiple other more casual get togethers throughout that time period at our house, so there's that cleaning and organizing of those events.

I was excited to get my real, first consignment deal at a local shop in town, and sold a few pieces of jewelry! But.... she decided to go full home decor in her lobby and asked me to take my items home since it was just jewelry and clutches. I was definitely saddened by this, but am glad none-the-less for the experience and at least the attempt to get my name out there in my town.

I've also had ups and downs at my day job, not sure which of more has happened, but either way it's been keeping me busy and not able to feel energized to do much in the ways of crafting.

Now, all this being said, I don't want to start off 2014 with a sort of resolutions list or anything, get myself too hyped up on goals that I'm not sure are really attainable for me, only to be disappointed later or feel bad about not doing those things. What I do want to say for myself, and for you dear readers if you've made it this far, is that I just want to hope for 2014 to be as full of new things as it can be, many new projects and creations, good times with friends and family and to make more time for just all around crafting and spending a little more time on the blog to share it all with you. I also want to practice taking better photographs so you can see my projects better, more clearly. I want to not go on hiatuses of weeks at a time. I want to find a way to keep better organized in my craft room; not completely organized as I know this is probably impossible, but at least organized enough in my room and thoughts and ideas that I'm actually excited to go home and get to working on something creative.

These are all simple ideas, but they are more difficult for me in practice. I just hope that I can try and if I do a little of what I'm hoping for, I know this new year will be happy and creative and I hope that you still stick around and share it with me!

Happy New Year!!

Craft ya laters!

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