Thursday, December 15, 2016

Broken and Magical - Unicorn Commission

I'm WAY behind in posting about this commission from last year but I promise I have a REALLY good reason!! As I was finishing these pieces up on a vacation my SO and I went on last year (I was behind on getting them done and out in the mail on time, so I had to take them with me to finish and ship out), and was going to post when I got back home, but that was the weekend my dad passed away so this project went completely forgotten!!

Anywho! This commission was based on the unicorn pattern here:

Pattern can be found here.

A shopper found my Etsy store where I'd posted a few cross stitch patterns as custom orders,  and found this "Lovely Unicorn" pattern from DailyCrossStitch.

She wanted 4 of these pieces, with 2 catches: 1) Add words - "Broken and Magical all at the same time." 2) Make each one different so she can give one each to 3 other friends as a group gift.

I was unable to fit all the words so had to shorten the second half, but I did "break" each unicorn in its own special way.

What do you think?

Here's the details on each:

Broken back leg:

Broken horn:

Broken front leg:

"Broken" hair:

And here's how the backs looked on average:

As I wasn't sure how she wanted them finished, and it wasn't something that came up in the discussion about the custom order, I left the backs open for her to do anything she wanted to do with them by just simply threading some floss through and tying them in a bow.

Unfortunately, I can only hope that she and her friends liked these pieces as she never did supply a review on my Etsy shop. Oh well, can't win them all, right?

What do you think? Cute? No?

Craft ya laters!

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