Monday, December 19, 2016

'Sover. ...Takeaways? ... Next!

While unemployed my 2nd time this year, I decided to check out a local group called the "LaunchPad Job Club". The facilitator/trainer is actually a trainer from the local WorkForce so she's able to give real advice and guidance on all things related to job hunting. 

At a meeting, she did a presentation all around the idea that once you lose a job, or have a major life occurrence, you have a process that should happen on your way to moving on and up. 

- Realize that first, it's over. There's nothing you can do about it, whatever the situation was (didn't get along with co-workers, company's view and future didn't align with yours, etc), you're no longer in that position. 'Sover. 

- Reflect on what the situation was: was there anything you could have done better? Is there anything you could look out for in the future to not get into situations like you did to make you leave/get let go? What did you learn from working there, doing your job, your assignments, working with other teams, etc. Basically, what experience, knowledge, growth items can you take with you to your next job? What are your 'Takeaways'?

- Prepare for what's next! Get excited for a new adventure, a new company, new co-workers, new friends, new challenges, all that comes with taking that next step! Stop being sad for what's gone and look forward to whatever comes next in your life! Next!

I personally have trouble letting things go, and was especially having trouble with having lost a long-time job (9 years) and then a new job I'd been excited for with all the new challenges and experiences I'd get to have, and got let go (after only 2 months) as it just wasn't going to be a good fit personality-wise.

I was looking for new jobs left and right, and getting very discouraged and depressed by not being able to find anything. After this presentation though, I think I was able to re-focus and calm down a bit. I have learned over the last few years the benefits of self-evaluation and just taking time to assess situations you've been through/found yourself in and how you got through it, what you could have done differently, etc, so this new mantra of sorts made sense to me!

As such, I wanted a little visual reminder, so I decided to draft a simple pattern and...

Do you see what I did there with the punctuation and the color choices? 

'Sover. - it's done, over, STOP thinking about it, period, RED
Takeaways? - think it over, you're getting ready to start moving again, but not quite yet... but question marks prompt thought/response, so, ? and YELLOW
Next! - Obviously you're ready to go! And exclamations promote excitement, right? so, GREEN


And with black outline/backstitching. It looks MUCH better with this, doesn't it? :) 

I then decided to go ahead and frame it as-is. I somewhat wanted to add some sort of border or flowers or something, and I still can later if I take it off the foamcore and out of the frame, but for now, I like the simplicity of these words, in the simple espresso frame.

What do you all think? Is this a mantra that you could perhaps use in your life? What other mantras have been strong/powerful for you in getting through tough situations?

Until next time, craft ya laters! :)

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