Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mini quilts

Pinterest can sometimes be the devil.

I know many of you know this, but I just wanted to say it again, because honestly!! I see all these cool ideas and projects, and think, "I'm TOTALLY going to do that! I'm just gonna get the supplies this weekend, and it'll be done by next week! Yeah!!"... Ha!

Colors for project 1

Then weeks, maybe months pass after I get the fabric or beads or whatever supplies....and here we are again!

Colors for project 2

I am hoping one day to work on at least one of these perhaps, maybe posting and sharing with you will encourage me to do something, but I'm pretty sure my sewing projects are going to take a backseat for a little while longer while I catch up on my cross stitching projects that are sitting unfinished...

Colors for project 3

Anywho! I can't recall if I've shared with you yet, but I happen to think miniature just about anything is the most awesome things ever!! It's just amazing sometimes how you can take something that is a lot of work in regular size (say, a quilt) but then make it in miniature form!! 

Project 1 - Pattern/instructions can be found here.

Honestly, the idea itself is cute to see something smaller than it's meant to be (kind of like when I re-create my art canvases from those BYOB classes into little 2"x2" or so canvases), but it also serves a purpose of practicing techniques or skills when you make a smaller project, before you go all-in for a much larger project and perhaps might ruin or waste the materials you had purchased, and then you're super sad and have to decide whether you have the will power to re-do, re-purchase the supplies, or .... try to turn the large failed project into perhaps a smaller successful project, because really, who's gonna know!?

Project 2 - Blog and pattern/instructions found here

So mini quilts sound like the most awesome idea to practice measuring, and being precise when it comes to sewing together the squares (or for Project 2 above, triangles!!) to make an awesome picture in the end, and I can't wait to give it a go!!

Project 3 - Square patterns for whole quilt can be found here and instructions/tricks for making it easier to sew the quilt blocks and make it look super awesome here courtesy of Angela Pingel's blog Cut 2 Pieces

One day, when I finally do end up making any of these, at least you know I'll share them with you!! :D

I sure hope that's at least....within the next 6 months? With a stretch goal of 3....yeah......

Craft ya laters!! :) 

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