Wednesday, March 28, 2018

More play with mini perler beads!!

Got in the mood to play with my mini perler beads again, and wanted to share with you all!

These are all some basic little pieces, but definitely make a cute little impact!

Although, if you can't tell... being so tiny, these guys are just a little harder to iron. I accidentally got a few beads static electricitied to the parchment paper when I shifted the iron, and didn't realize until I was done ironing. 

See below vv

It's ok, you can hardly tell from the front.... right? haha

I also did a couple other types of unicorns (I'm in a mini unicorn phase right now...can you tell?? lol), and a rainbow poop! I couldn't resist, they were just sooooooooo cute!!

They're just so tiny, aren't they!?

I also made some lightsabers, a minion, and a butterfly.

Aaaaand..... didn't realize static electricity struck again, when it shifted a couple beads off to the side in his arm area.....

So this guy's just got a random hole in his side! (Please excuse my nails, I'd just recently gotten my acrylic nails off on my own, and hadn't buffed them out yet :"> )

I am just going to leave this little guy as-is, not going to worry about trying to fill in the spot.

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