Friday, March 30, 2018

Finally, some more mini canvas painting!!

I finally painted some more mini canvases!! :)

There's no real chatter to put with these, so I hope you enjoy!

Cherry blossom in the wind is on a 2"x3" canvas.

Simple daisies on a black canvas is on a 4"x4" canvas.

And one of my new favorite pieces!! Lovebirds on a branch, with flowers and green background is on a 3"x3" canvas. LOVE IT!!

This 3"x3" canvas I had painted with a blue gradient a while back, and could just never decide what I wanted to put on it. Well, I brought it out when I was hanging out with my mom this last weekend to paint together, and she just 'saw' a boat on it, so I offered her the canvas, and this is what she did! Pretty good, huh? :)

This is another canvas I painted a while back, didn't know what to put on it, but left it with my mom to see what she puts on it! Whenever she decides, I'll try to show y'all, too! :)

Until next time.....

Craft ya laters!! :)

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