Monday, May 6, 2013

Monthly All Girls Craft Group - February 2013

I am really behind on this guys, I apologize, but just haven't had the chance to get this post up!!

We had our monthly Craft Group get-together for February on 2/23/13 and most everyone got work done!!

 We had Angry Birds masks being made for a son's birthday party....

Leena made a fox tail out of a braided rope base, then hand stitched pieces of frayed yarn down the length to create the tail....

Unfortunately, Airon had a paper to work on for class and was distracted working on that... Good news is, she got an "A"!! Go Airon!!

We apparently weren't entertaining enough for all present......

My mom showed up and was able to get a badge lanyard for work strung for herself, first one ever!! Yay!!! And of course, plenty of wine, and in my mom's case chocolate red wine, was enjoyed!!

Michelle turned a regular old hardback book cover into a Kindle case!!

Carrie made a perler yoshi (which is so freaking cute!!) and a couple of crocheted arm cuffs (of which I will try to get a picture posted later and you can kinda see if on the bottom left.. the blue one...)

Now, I wish I could say I was just as productive as everyone else that day.... unfortunately I was only able to attempt 1 thing (a little zippered clutch like the blue one I made before, I can try to get a picture up later of what it would have looked like) but as I completely screwed up the one actual stitch I laid down (the cross ribbon piece on the front), the only thing I really got done that day was....

Yup! that's it! I drank, ate and was sorta merry.... except for not getting anything actually made. To be fair however, I was helping my mom in directing her how to make her lanyard... soo..... that counts, right?...Right?!!?!

Anywho, on to next month!!

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