Thursday, June 13, 2013

Perler Beads - Post 1

I titled this one "Post 1" because since around Halloween 2012, I have been let's say.... mildly addicted with making perler sprites and as I continue to keep making more, this is pretty much only a portion of what I'll eventually get around to doing! This is mostly going to be a picture slideshow, but these are most of the ones I've made since I picked some up in October last year and have added on since. There are a few more I haven't gotten to get good pictures (and even some of these aren't the best, I'm sorry!) but those will be in another post later:

Megaman 1

Sorry for the photoshop, I took 2 pictures for these, one that included the coin, the other included the pipe.  But here we have Mario, a pipe, fire flower, coin and I guess coin box?

Mario flower

These are some pieces I did for my boss at work. We have 2 of the guys from Despicable Me (movie), an owl and  Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.

Mario's Hammer Bro

Sonic the Hedgehog 
Megaman 2

Earthworm Jim

Megaman 3 and Elec Man

Megaman 4.... a LOT of people like and asked for a Megaman!! lol

Cape Mario


Black Mage


Turbo (Wreck It Ralph)

Mario Spring

These are on the wall at my desk at work!! We have Birthday Bear, Bedtime Bear and Cheer Bear!
Donkey Kong Country Bananas
A quick note, I was working on the above bananas (from Donkey Kong Country videogame) and the metal tweezers I was using slipped out of my hand and fell......

I was able to fix it though (obviously) but below is how far I WAS before I dropped the tweezers.... My boyfriend kind of looked at me funny when he heard me whimpering until he saw what happened haha. Note to self, be wayyy more careful while holding tweezers and I REALLY hope I don't do that when I get to some of the bigger projects I have planned!!

I still have quite a few requests I need to get working on, but a lot of what I want to make requires colors I don't have, and neither does Joanns (local supply store that sells the beads by the color, no other local store does). I do believe that Airon, myself and another friend (whom we have awesomely gotten into doing perler beads) are going in on a bulk order from the manufacturer's website. 

I'll try to get pictures of the other pieces I've made that aren't in this post and show you guys what else I've got done, including a picture of our fridge at home as boyfriend painted it orange so it's a cool background, but there's also multiple scenes of magnets going on (see Mario and pipe and flower and coin ;) ).

If any of you are interested, you can check out/follow my Pinterest board: Perler Beads!

Craft ya laters!!

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