Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tissue Paper Flowers

I have a friend that has asked Airon and myself to help with figuring out wedding decorations for her barn-themed wedding later this year and one of the things we thought of trying out when we were brainstorming the other day were tissue paper flowers!

If you try to google "How to make tissue paper flowers" you will get literally dozens, if not hundreds, of results! The how-tos and variations are EVERYWHERE!!

I decided to try out a few myself however, just very basic ones, to see how long it takes and variations of size and number of sheets of tissue paper. 
First one I did was 2 full sheets of tissue paper, but folded length-wise and cut so that I had 4 pieces of paper to use. I then cut the tips to sharp points and this is what it looked like:

Not bad,... but what about 6 pieces (3 sheets)?? She only had 1 more sheet of yellow, but the bride had 2 sheets of a tannish/pinkish glittery color! Awesome! I really wanted to see what that would look like together! This time however I cut the edges at a curve:

Another view. This one's my personal fave for the day!
Next up was to try a smaller version!! I went ahead and used 6 pieces, but each piece was about half the length as the previous 2 were. I cut the edges as an inverted "V" (to the ^ on the first one) but soon I realized this thing had wayyy too much tissue paper going on! I was having difficulties getting the layers of paper separated to spread out and actually tore the paper in some places where they seemed particularly stuck together... Not the best idea and I think I gave up on the 2nd half's last 2 pieces to split:

Last, I tried a small one again, only I used just 4 pieces. This worked out muuuch better and I did the ^ point again:

Here I just went ahead and took a group picture of all 4 pieces. I definitely like the 2nd attempt the best but we'll see what the bride decides to do!! Either way, I kinda like making tissue paper flowers!!

Craft ya laters!!

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