Monday, November 21, 2016

Unemployed? Why Not Clean!?

Yup! I had a whopper of a year last year, that culminated into my getting let go/downsized in December 2015 from the company I'd been at for 9 years!!

With all this time free, when I felt I'd searched as long as I could through job postings and applied where applicable, what else was I to do?!

Well, since I'd had such a miserable time, and was feeling pretty down in the dumps for so long, my craft room got **a bit** messy.....again.....  Siigh.....

Therefor, to lift my spirits what I could, I decided to work on getting my room clean and organized, again, except this time I was willing to PURGE!! This is the most important step after all in getting any room or space truly cleaned for the long term.

Below is my journey through this round of cleaning and organizing.

This was the first view when you walk into my room:

When you shift your eyes a little to the right:

And this is the far right, next to the door in to the room (my sewing desk is completely unusable at this point):

See? :(

Now, on to the cleaning!

Wow! There's a pathway forming!

And floor?! Who'da thunk!!

Keep in mind, what you can't see and I forgot to photograph, is the hallway leading to my craft room! One of the most common ways of deep cleaning any room or space is that it will most likely look a LOT messier in the progress up until you're done and it's clean.

Nice! I can get to my fabric drawers! They're pretty packed here, but I have since gone through and purged a good bit of fabric that I'd bought years ago, intending to use for various projects, and realized I never would.

I ended up taking 3 TRASH BAGS FULL of fabric alone to Goodwill after this week!

 Yay!! More floor! And you'll maybe notice the tv that was on this shelf is gone.... Yup! This went to Goodwill as well!! I had intended to use it to play my SNES games on, but I wasn't when my room clean, and definitely wasn't when it was messy. It was unused and unnecessary....therefor, PURGE! 

I knew I had a sewing desk under there somewhere!!!

This is only a fraction of the process. You get to share in the rewards of a clean room, but what you're missing out on perhaps is the part on HOW to organize. How do you know what to get rid of? How do you decide what to keep? How do you even decide how to organize everything to be in its most effective and usable state?

These questions, and many more, I hope to start answering and helping others with in a separate blog I'm working on creating. I don't want to say I'm an expert in these matters either, just like I say I'm not an expert crafter, but I have learned a lot in my times of cleaning and organizing, done a lot of research, and feel that I can offer a little help and guidance to those in need of getting, and staying, organized!

At least, I'd like to hope I can, and I'd like to become more informed and more practiced on helping provide the guidance that so many need these days. We live in a society of excess, and we also live in a world where we work so hard only to come home exhausted and sometimes unable to garner the strength and focus needed to keep their homes clean and organized. 

For you, I want to help along the way of finding the will in yourself to realize what your space can be, and how you can make it so.

So until I am able to get this secondary blog created and get started on the blogging journey,...

Craft ya laters! :)

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