Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Piece 2 of a pair for Mom

A couple years ago, I did a cross stitch piece for my Mom, Spring Flowers in Blue, from one of my favorite stitch pattern websites for simple patterns: Daily Cross Stitch.

Anywho, I found a pair of flower patterns that I thought my mom would enjoy, with this one being the first:

And this one being the second:

I finished the first one, and gave it to her...

...but stole it back so I could make the second one on the same fabric (wanted to make sure they matched), and so I could try and frame them both and get them back to her as an actual completed pair.

I started the second one last Wednesday, and my progress so far...

It's hard to tell which picture shows the yellows better, with flash...

Or without flash...

I hope to finish this piece in the next couple days so by the weekend they're ready to get to her again (time to wash/iron and determine best frame options), and will show you how they look at that time!

UPDATE: Yellow flowers is done!!

And the pair together look great!!

Obviously I haven't washed/ironed this one, but wanted to share as soon as I got done!

I'll see how I get them framed, and perhaps share again! :)

Until then...

Craft ya laters!!

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