Monday, December 16, 2019

Catching up....

As I pull up my blog, I am realizing it's been nearly a full year since I last posted and shared any of the crafts or projects I've done with you in alllll this time!!

I mean, it's not like you're not used to my going on a hiatus, but, even I have to admit that's a little ridiculous!!

I started working on a post in January where I was going to share with you my WIPs that I was planning on trying to finish this calendar year, a sort of "New Year's Resolution" type of post, and that simply fell to the wayside and didn't get finished (obvs). 

Long story short, the reason for this is that at my job, my whole team was transitioned to a new role, and it pretty much stole ALL my focus and concentration, and certainly my emotions as it wasn't a role I ever wanted to be in, was a significant change in thinking and work style than I've been in for the last 14 years, and was just generally a difficult time. 

The days turned into weeks, turned into months, and well, here we are!

My company is actually doing another re-organization where my role will be changing, AGAIN, and will be adding other role responsibilities I never wanted to do. Therefore, I am looking for a new job again, if I can't get a different role I'll be going for, or even if I do get it, and get a better option presented that doesn't make me absolutely miserable most days and drain me of any happy thoughts I would otherwise have put into my crafting. This also means that unfortunately, I've mentally checked out quite a bit, so that's also helping with my working on posts again as a way to distract myself and help me get through my days/evenings...

With that said, I will be trying to play catch-up, and will be putting together as many posts as I can for all the things I've made/done this year that I've wanted to share with you, and basically taking advantage of my rediscovered excitement and passion for my crafts.

First thing I will be sharing is the clean-up, de-stash, and re-birth of my craft room at the house we bought in July (YAY!!).

I know I've posted before about trying to clean up and organize my room, but y'all...... this time, I'm tellin' ya, it's GONNA WORK!! You'll see!! I can't wait to share!!

I've also done so many little projects here and there, have learned/done new things I'm excited to post about, and just a whole bunch of stuff in between!!

With that, keep an eye out for these posts, and...

Craft ya laterz!!

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