Monday, December 23, 2019

De-stashing and re-creating my craft space - Pt 2

Now let's hop over to the new house and what I've been working on in regards to organization, shall we?

First thing's first.... PAAAAAAAAAINT!! I got to paint my walls finally, since it's our house!! YAY!!

We were both soooo bored with white walls, which is typically what you have when you're renting someone else's house. so the first thing we did (after having a little 4th of July hurrah, caveman-style with lawn chairs and no furniture or appliances, 😁) was to paint nearly every wall/room in the house!!

I'm excited about the front bathroom, and that will be another post, but my craft room especially super excites me!! Why you ask...??? 

Because it has glitter in the paint!! 

Not to mention I HAD to re-paint my craft room because it used to have this...

Don't get me wrong.. it's cute? Except it was poorly done where you could SEE the pencil outlines around half the flowers/leaves/birds, and it had really rough edges... blah!!

But now:

Aren't these such super fun, bright, colors! It's just kind of hard to photograph the glitter, but you'll be able to see it here and there in other pics, I promise!

I'm also super excited for the fabric I got for my curtains of the window that's in there.....

Wanna see? Of course you do! See how well it goes with my wall colors!! 

Don't you just LOVE the colors and the print together?! And that print is just hilarious, I couldn't resist! I gave my hubby options, and he told me I had to get that one, and I couldn't agree more! 

Anywho, the room itself is a good size, with the closet being right in front of the door by way of a turn on the wall, so I will have wall space to decorate or not right as you walk in, but then you turn to the right to get to the room. This is how it is laid out; pardon the painter's tape, this is still in the process!!

Problem with the room, the only one really, is that the closet is NOT a walk-in like the last house was, which means I will have to figure out what to do with the lack of storage space and how to organize my stuff super efficiently!! EEK!!

This is pretty much what my room looked like once I got ALL my stuff in there from the old house...

Yup, I couldn't get in there AT ALL.

Yup, there are things in here that don't belong, but we just didn't know where else to put them at the time. 

Yup,.... this is absolutely nuts!!

As soon as I could though, I started going through the bags, the boxes, the stacks.... and started putting aside anything and everything I felt I could live without. 

See, with having this problem for soooo long, I've finally just gotten to my breaking point, and am DONE with the constant stress of being cluttered, having to clean up/organize, or just not feeling motivated, or like I could simply go in my craft room and, well, CRAFT! I know I've said this before, but keep reading!!

My goal? To de-stash so much that I can store all I'm keeping in my closet here, and have my sewing table, my mother-in-law's sewing table, and then a craft table that I can fold out or fold in as needed, with that being the main table station I use for my art, and my canvases/paints/brushes being the ONLY supplies really stored out in the open, so the only exception to the closet rule. 

In order to get to my goal, I have to take this:

And fit everything (but art supplies) into this:

I definitely have a hefty task ahead of me, but I'm already making such great progress!!

Here's a sneak peek....

My entire stash of regular size perler beads I'd collected over time....

And what I ended up keeping; basically only 1 fully packed (condensed where I could) each of each color, with extra black, white, and gray of course, and only 8 or 9 of the boards!

Then there was my yarn supply, which was about 3 overflowing reusable bags from the grocery store, all dumped out...

These are the skeins I kept:

These are the skeins I decided to get rid of!:

This is only a sampling of what I have set aside for give-away, and how I'm doing it; gathering all my supplies in one place of a certain hobby/kind, then doing a quick decision of keep/give-away. 

So far, it seems to be working, and I don't miss the yarn yet!!

I'll leave you with this for now, and will show more of my progress, as well as the growing pile of give-away piles as I keep going!!

Craft ya laterz!!

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