Monday, December 30, 2019

Great Wave Off Kanagawa - Cross Stitch - Pt 2 / FP

In my catching up, I found I never did share with you all the Finished Project (FP) of the Great Wave Off Kanagawa cross stitch piece I did for my brother!!

Well, I have plenty of pictures along the way, but I unfortunately don't recall the amount of time it took to finish, so please don't hate me, but please do enjoy the FP!!

So here's where we left off with the 1st half...

Next, to work on quadrant 3 which is like, 99% taupe... uuuugh.....

The taupe.... it just keeps going!!!........

Alright!! Done with Q3!!

Note to self though: Don't ever use pencil again in a pinch when I can't find my disappearing ink pen to mark my grid... **siigh** Hubby says it's not as noticeable to him as it is to me, so I'll just have to finish at this point, and if it doesn't wash out when I'm done, well, fingers crossed my brother doesn't really notice, either!

Waaaaait a minute.....

Aww crud!!

Ok, so I couldn't tell at home, but taking this project with me to the bar we frequent, that has a patio, where I can stitch outdoors in the natural light of the sun... 

I used the wrong white in Q3 than I used in Q1 and Q2!!! DARNIT!! I haaate frogging!

But frog I did, and got back to work.......


Working hard, or hardly working.... eh?? 😉😁

This is my setup at work on a few lunch hours at this point...once I fixed the wrong white!!

Halfway done with Q4! I can just TASTE the finish line!! 

Almost there.......

Sooooo cloooose.......

Aaaaaaand... done!! Ain't that purty?!

That's a pretty clean back, too, if I don't say so myself!!

W00t!! So glad that's done!!

......Now on to the next project! LOL

Craft ya lataz!!

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