Thursday, December 19, 2019

De-stashing and re-creating my craft space - Pt 1

Over the last 7 years, we rented a 3-bedroom house where one of those rooms was my husband's office (since he works from home), and the other was my craft room. 

Having lived at the same house that long, and knowing my affinity for learning new crafts, wanting to make sure I'm supplied craft-wise, and not being willing to get rid of any supplies EVER for fear I might need them... some day.... maybe.........

You can only imagine that my craft room got CRAZY over-crowded and full of just too much STUFF!!

Some examples of how messy my room was at the old house are below...

There's plenty of other pictures I've taken/shared in the past, but this just gives you a sample of the mess I can get to, and then have to clean/organize up.

There's also full other blog posts here, here, and here...........Beware, there's some pretty gnarly pictures in those posts, but you can only imaging how much more stressful it was for me to actually have to live with that, and how unhappy I was that I couldn't ever craft anything!!

You can also tell I've gone through many times of clean attempts, and I've had versions of organization in the past...... But the biggest thing to notice is just the sheer amount of STUFF I have!!

Also, I seem to have had an addiction? to those Steri-lite plastic drawers for most of my storage solution... yay? I had the 3 large 3-drawers for most of my fabric (there was still overflow 😕), there were the 3 small 3-drawers on top of the 5 4-drawers, and then of course, the hardware drawer organizers that were attached to the pegboard....

So when my hubby and I purchased our first home (YAY!!) this summer, it was super frustrating to have to move all this.. junk... to the new house, but I have grand plans on how I will be storing, organizing, and handling my hobbies in the future!

Stay tuned for part 2................

Craft ya laterz!!

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