Thursday, December 26, 2019

De-stashing and re-creating my craft space - Pt 3

Y'all, I don't think I've ever been more proud of myself in any of my attempts to clean and/or organize my craft room and supplies than I am right now!!

I say that because I am FINALLY able to de-stash, I'm really starting to feel a breath of fresh air about what I still have in my supplies/room, and am getting super excited for my goal, and the fact that I'll actually be reaching it SOON!!!!

As a reminder, this is where I started after we moved in to the new house...

A little bit of progress in, and I'm starting to see floor, and more importantly.. can get to the closet!!


I went ahead and started putting stuff in the closet that I'm keeping, or at least, to set aside until I can gather all of a hobby/item to sort through, and while waiting for hubby to make me a shelving solution.

Even more floor open, yay!! Also, you can see an empty large 3-drawer Steri-lite that I've cleared out of give-away fabric...EEEK!!

Here's the shelves we figured out. I used hubby's chop-saw to make the boards and the braces, and then painted them, for hubby to attach to the wall.

I figure for now, this is a good enough way to store my spare Aida (cross-stitching fabric) still in their tubes, and my knitting looms, just like they were in the old closet:

Even more open floor space, and more cleared out drawers. We can start seeing less of those Steri-lite containers in fact, as I continue clearing them out of stuff I'm not keeping and/or stuff I've decided to organize differently for storing:

Look! Open space!! ZOMG!! 😂

This is the closet as of writing this post right now. Notice I moved my 2 french horns off the top shelf (definitely was wasting space); the boxes are what's left of my fabric I'm keeping, including a whole box alone that's project fabric for my mom's requests... 

I've also gotten ALL my embroidery floss organized into 2 of the containers I use, but the box to the right and everything on top is in some way related to my cross-stitching, so I still need to figure out the best way to organize that bit of stuff (printed patterns, extra fabric scraps, foamcore and frames for framing finished projects, etc). 

I also haven't quite figured out  my replacement bead storage since I ditched ALL 4 of the hardware drawers I had on the pegboard before (WHOOOP!!):

This is now where I'm at; although the 2 boxes with hearts in the middle, and the bag to the left are all Care Bears I plan to try and sell on Ebay (they're the only ones in my collection I saw on Ebay sold for anything, so I'll give it a shot myself!!). 

The box to the left of that is actually a serger, practically NIB that a friend gave me years ago and I've never used; the last of my extra fabric on top. The fabric I will put in one last box to put in the closet on the top shelf, and the serger I want to take out and put in the travel sewing case I have (you can't see as it's in the corner under the foam pieces, but example of what it looks like below). 

And this is the floor space I have as I walk in, and around my two sewing tables! Sooo exciting!!

Again, my goal is to have just the 2 sewing desks in the room, and on the opposite wall, have the ability to display all my finished art pieces, maybe finished cross stitches, and whatever else looks nice up there to be able to really enjoy what I've made!! It'll also be the wall with my art table (below), with the wall to the left in the corner, next to the closet door, being where I want to have a few shelves and can store all my spare canvases, brushes, paints, and all other painting supplies!

This is the table I want for my art wall/station, that I can also use to cut bigger pattern pieces for sewing, and can do puzzles and such on!!

In all this de-stashing, I've given away a LOT of crafts and craft items I finally decided I won't use anytime soon, and/or would be better put to use otherwise. I also bagged/gave away a LOT of the jewelry I've made over the years, if I felt I wasn't going to wear it anytime soon. To get an idea of nearly all I've given away, here's a picture I took of most of it...

There's 2 15-gallon trash bags full of fabric, plus another couple smaller bags, there's 2 bags full of yarn, there's a bag or two of jewelry and/or beads, perler beads, bottlecaps I'd been collecting to do a resin sealed table, but changed my mind for now, there's stickers, papers, foam puff stickers, and a bit more random stuff thrown in to these bags. There's also a home decor bolt of burgundy damask-style solid pattern fabric that I don't even remember where I got!!

There's also the pile of boxes and such of Goodwill give-away:

As well as all the Steri-lite drawers I gave away, the 3 bookshelves that were in my closet before that just didn't fit in this one, and a little 2-shelf in regards to furniture.
All in all, I believe I'm nearly there, and all that's left is simply getting my art supplies shelved/organized, the table, and then just working through the desk supplies I have (couple of boxes of pens, notepads, stickie notes, tape, etc), getting my keychains squared away, the 2 boxes of photos I have stored away to do a memory book some day, and a few other little things, and then I can simply focus on  last pass organizing in my closet, and can finally start crafting comfortably again!! 😁

I'll share final pictures once that's all done, but now I can start sharing all the crafts and projects and such I've done over the last year, as I catch up from my hiatus!!

Craft ya laterz!!

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