Monday, July 29, 2013

Possibility of pairing up cases?

I noticed something on lunch at work today...

I made this clutch first, as a prototype to the design I've made so many of now, and use it as my regular daily purse:

And as you know, I made this tablet case for my Nexus 7" tablet this last weekend, excess space on sides and all:

But when I went to lunch and wanted to take both, this is what I came up with!:

It's pretty amazing how snugly they fit together!! Now, I can't hold the tablet case by just the top mind you, but I can hold it to my side like you would just one or the other, and not have to worry about my clutch sliding out of my hands to hold on to the tablet case!

What do you guys think? What if the clutch was made with the same fabric as the tablet case for a matched set and sold as a pairing?? Would that be something that anyone would like?

Well, off to finish my day of work so I can go home and work on some more sewing!

Craft ya laters!!


  1. Very cute idea. What about a snap or magnetic closure hidden under that bow just for extra security that the clutch doesn't slip out?

    1. You mean like actually literally make them so they can be put together? hmmm... hadn't quite thought of that, just liked how they were perfectly snug together!! lol


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