Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Looking forward to Halloween 2013!!

It's only July, but yes, I am already getting super excited for projects to work on for this year's Halloween decorations!! I have been scouring Pinterest, joined The Halloween Forum, have been checking out Halloween online websites to see what props and decorations are for sale to see what I can try to mimic, etc.

You guys want to see what I'm looking at so far?? Of course you do!!

So those were my PVC pipe candles last year but this time around, I'll be doing some more in other types of color combinations and maybe fix these guys as well as getting the battery powered tealights:

I'm not sure which ones I'll try, or maybe both... but I didn't really think of doing anything but just white last year!! Did you guys know there are COLORED hot glue sticks?! ^_^

I also failed at doing a paper mache hand and copy of a styrofoam head I have....

Not only did I over water down the glue, but I was also only starting with aluminum foil and the wire fingers weren't sticking into the foil (even with super glue/hot glue) so.... a total fail. This year however I want to get significantly better at paper mache so that I can properly do the styrofoam head copies as well as maybe a few of these:

Photo and idea courtesy the Ghosthess
I also want to do a Halloween themed piƱata but want to surprise you guys with that one if I manage to do it right! ;)

I want to get a skull and try to make a mold of it like this:

Awesome tutorial for these here

I also need to get some cheap dolls of all kinds for this kinda stuff:

Wiggler Zombie Baby® PropBrain Eata Zombie Baby® PropBaby in a jar....awesome haha

You get the idea.... lol The first two pictures are from Spirit Halloween's website and the 3rd is from what else, the Halloween forum!

I've also got a good idea of how to make a giant spider, some new ghouls and more!! The is a GREAT resource for all things Halloween and a very supportive, friendly bunch if you want to check it out and get some ideas!

I'm so excited!!!! What about you guys? Any of you got any big Halloween plans starting to brew in the noggin?? Please share in the comments!!

Also, before I forget, tomorrow I'll have a post to show you guys what I ended up doing for my display at Easely Amused, a BYOB Paint Class Shop in my town that I'm doing a consignment deal with!! I'm going down there tonight to set it all up and I am SOOO excited!! Check back then!

Craft ya laters!!

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