Monday, July 22, 2013

Monthly All Girls Craft Group - July 2013

This month's craft day was small due to a lot of stuff going on for people. Airon had homework and projects to do for her classes, Michelle's working on getting their house ready to show/sell and lots of other types of things.

We did have one though, even if it was just my mom, Sarah and me. 

Sarah was working on some cross-stitch type Kleenex boxes and a jeans casing for her chain link belt she wears when she takes walks to encourage a little more cardio burn (didn't get pictures unfortunately).

My mom wanted to make another badge lanyard for herself:

The only part I did for her was to finish it off with a crimp bead, thread protector and crimp cover! Looks good!!

I haven't been able to get all my displays done and pricing and all that for my consignment deal yet so that's what I was working on some more. I got the rest of my price tags strung (punched cardstock with a couple of punches I have, will show you guys those later ;) ) but also painted the single necklace displays:

I had painted a couple of flat canvases yellow and then swirled green and blue on the background to add a little flair and measured out and drilled holes for the hooks sometime last week. Saturday I went ahead and got all the screw hooks in the boards and hung the jewelry I plan on giving her on them:

Once I get my whole setup done, I will show you guys the finished products as well as what the display looks like all setup in the Easely Amused shop! 

I can't wait to finish these guys and get to the next item(s) on my list!!
This was definitely a smaller group this time around, but it meant that we got to sit there and chit chat the whole time. 

Here's to next time!!

Craft ya laters!

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