Saturday, July 27, 2013

Getting Into Tablet Case Making

I have decided to try tablet cases next as a little break from doing my clutches. I have a 7" Nexus tablet myself and have many friends who have various tablets they use and carry with them all over and I finally decided I needed a case of my own!! Though...I didn't quite get the measurements right the first time.

**Disclaimer: I apologize for the pictures being in weird angles/directions. I cannot figure out why Blogger does this or how to fix it**

It looked pretty enough:

I got a nifty fabric for the lining:

And yet, it wasn't quite big enough for my tablet:

At least I have a pouch to store my new business cards in!!

Next, I worked with my friend Airon and guided her through making a tablet case for her 10" Nexus:

Nice, pretty silver dotted fabric for the lining:

A peek inside the front pocket:

 The front pocket is plenty big enough to store your charger, earbuds, etc:

A look at the tablet inside the case:

Look at the awesome!!: 

 I decided to try again in making a case for my tablet and tried a different pattern this time as well as something a little more autumnal:

Best of all, my tablet fits in this case!!:

Although, fits is an understatement. I have about an inch of room to the sides total:

And I have about an inch, inch and a half at the top: 

I'm not too concerned though as I'm trying to decide if I really want to cut this down for a more snug fit or if I want to keep it about this size and maybe add a pocket in the front so I can slip my phone and charger in there or what. It also is enough room that instead of trying to awkwardly handle the case while my tablet is in there, the extra space is a pretty good fingerhold for actually holding the darn thing while walking around!!

There was the question of the knot around the bow though. Per the directions I was using for the pattern, the knot seemed a little big and because of this, it wasn't constricting the bow itself enough to keep the fold lines:

I know it's maybe a little hard to tell the difference, but I did a little hand stitch on the backside of the knot to shrink it down about an inch to keep the middle of the bow tighter and I feel this helped make it look much better:

 I can't wait to use this fabric some more as well as make some more tablet cases!! The next thing I do will definitely be a case in the same style as Airon's case, only, in a fabric similar to my first attempt but with butterflies instead of flowers. I'm so excited to get it done and start using it!!

Craft ya laters!!

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