Monday, January 14, 2013

Careful Selection of Resin Molds Required

Previously on Artfire: Published On: 07-26-2012

I got this awesome mold for unicorns a while back that I was very excited to use for clay and resin. I used one slot for a clay unicorn that turned out ok (should have used different colors or not as many since it was a little too much to see the details of the unicorn) but a couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to make a whole bunch of glittery resin unicorns!!

I got out the mold:

And I proceeded to put clear resin in each hole (except for the dirty clay one, oops! forgot to clean!) and got this (will explain the missing chunk further down):


This was all well and good......until I attempted to push them out. I decided to try with this orange one I'd poured as it was near the edge (the missing chunk you see in the first picture). I tried popping out while it was still part of the main mold, but that didn't work so I cut that piece out and tried cutting into the plastic around it, halfway through.


No matter how hard I tried however, this thing would NOT come out! I am so very sad that these didn't work as I was just so excited to use these for little kid's charms and to give a couple to a friend of mine! **sigh**

Lesson learned : choose your molds very carefully when working with resin. Make sure that they are able to be bent and folded enough to pop these guys out and/or use mold release! I might try to clean that last spot and spray with mold release and try one more time just to see if it's the mold or the fact that I didn't use release with the others, but I'm betting more towards the mold wasn't quite the right one to use.

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