Monday, January 14, 2013

First Attempt At Faux Blue Opal

Previously on Artfire: Published On: 07-16-2012

Thanks to Carmi over at and the referral back to Marie Browning's idea for Faux Opal Using Easy Cast Resin, I have been able to make these awesome pendants!!


**Please excuse the bad pictures, I'm still figuring out how to get the best shots but the first one really is how these guys look!!*

The instructions called for mylar flakes for the opal shine so I set out on a mission to find this stuff locally.

I had looked at about 4 craft stores one day, looked in the resin, clay, craft sections... I even asked a couple employees at the stores if they had any mylar flakes I could use as was recommended by these ladies but noone had the foggiest what I was talking about!!

I thought I couldn't have gotten THIS unlucky, could I?? At the HobbyLobby checkout, I saw this stuff though so I decided to get it to see if it'd do about the right thing, until I could find the real stuff online:


Only in looking up what they called this stuff to give it a name here did I find that apparently, this stuff IS mylar!! YAYY!!! Also, they seem to have about 10 different colors!! WOW!!

After these pendants turned out so great, I might just try to get my hands on some more of this stuff!, in different colors!! Such a great price for a material like this when it's US $2.00 a bag and there's SOO much in there!

Only catch though guys, this stuff is extremely, HORRIBLY staticky!! I got the strips out and was just cutting bits off but it kept sticking to my hands, the table, my legs, etc. The only way I could get it in the mold on the first layer of resin so I could pour the second layer on top to seal it in was to use a paintbrush, put a layer of glue on the resin and then dob it on the pieces of mylar to stick to the brush and then apply to the glue on the jewelry piece in the mold!! Yikes!! Needless to say, it made a decent mess, but since glue dries clear, you can't even tell I had to do those extra steps!

Does anyone have any idea how I could de-static this stuff and make it easier to use next time?!

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