Monday, January 14, 2013

Polymer clay pendants using various canes

Previously on Artfire: Published On: 10-01-2012

Here are some sneak peaks at things I've been working on lately to give you an idea of what could be coming to the store soon!!


The above were made with a kaleidoscope cane.8025
This is my first brain cane!!

Made using a checkerboard cane!
These were made using a mokume gane technique! The first picture is skins that will be used for accent beads and above are focals made from the original block of clay.8026
This one is my favorite so far!! I used my brain cane to make a pendant, gave it a backing layer to thicken it up, put my own clay frame around it and put a top of there with a hole so you don't need an additional bezel or hole put in it!! Now to polish it up a bit and/or varnish it up... although I might dome it with resin instead...

All of these were made with polymer clay and have yet to be finished, just wanted to give you guys an idea of what should be showing up in the store at some point!!

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