Monday, January 14, 2013

Clear Resin Pendants with DIY Backing Decorations

Previously on Artfire: Published On: 07-26-2012

I found this blog that Carmi Cimicata does using Envirotex Resin to show the awesome diversity it has to it, and this is one of the many posts that caught my eye so much so that I just HAD to play with it in my own way!!


Aren't they just the neatest!!

She has the tutorial for making them on the link I provided as well as a bunch of other things so go check it out!

For mine however, since I didn't have a high heel mold, I used a little flower mold I have since they're thinner and would cure faster.


These are a few of the flowers that came out. Now, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, so I went looking through my scrapbooking paper pads and found this one!


It's pretty neat, but doesn't seem too terribly exciting on its own. When I put it under one of the flowers however, it took on a pretty neat look!!


Isn't that neat?! I think I'm going to have to try fabric and maybe paints next and of course I'll share so keep an eye out!

I might even make bunches of the clear pieces and sell those as lots so you can put whatever backing on them you want and use as jewelry pieces or embellishments or whatever!! What do you guys think?

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